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Special Needs

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    We serve our clients long term. Our goal is to have a relationship with each of our clients where we can be a familiar, bright light in someone’s day. To find out if we are a good match for you and to get started call us and we will:

  • Review your assistance needs through consultation with client, family, doctor, and others as directed by the client.
  • Develop and use a custom-ized program to manage your nursing and companionship needs.
  • Client makes the final decision on staff choice, services needed and when service is provided.

Special Care Assessment

  • Special Care services are tasks that need to be done a few times a week or on a one-time basis
  • Review of type of service and staff needed. This may be a private duty licensed or certified nurse or caregiver.

Private Duty Licensed Nursing Services include:

    We offer Private duty licensed or certified nurses (RN, LVN, CNA) and caregivers providing:

  • Implementation of physician orders
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Gastrostomy care (g-tube feeding)
  • Wound Care
  • Injection/medication administration
  • Diabetic Care
  • Autism Care
  • Working hand in hand with your medical providers, these services are provided strictly in a private duty setting and are not a replacement for licensed home health, nor are they intended to substitute for acute care. Registered Nurses strictly work within their Scope of Practice, as regulated by the CA Board of Registered Nurses, at all times. Feel free to call with questions!

SAFE: Companions You Can Trust

SHC continuously monitors our companions through a system of personalized contacts by phone, and on-site visits of our licensed case managers and Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. Phone contacts, as well as regular inservices, keep our staff current with new therapies and techniques so they are able to use the most up to date therapies.

SHC employs only the most qualified and caring individuals.

They must pass:

  • rigid hiring interviews,
  • Department of Justice fingerprint clearance,
  • background checks,
  • on-going evaluation by senior staff.

All SHC staff are

  • Bonded and covered by Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Have professional & general liability insurance
  • Mature, experienced and reliable

All licensed nurses and companions are supervised by a Board Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner.

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