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How can you to get started with Senior Home Companions?

A Senior Home Companion case manager will start by working with you or your family to find out what you would like. At times, a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience will also be present to assess, help present ideas and options. Once a plan has been agreed upon, usually after a face to face meeting in the environment where services are to be provided at, we make it happen using our trained & reliable professionals. Senior Home Companions provides many levels of care services for you or your family member, whatever & wherever their living situation may be–at home, in a retirement center, assisted living or a skilled nursing facility.

As a unique service which helps our clients, your case manager also works with an Advisory Committee of Top Medical and Nursing Specialists who provide direction, advice and informal recommendations regarding individual care plans.

The Advisory Committee meets on a regular basis & consists of health care professionals in Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, & experts with over 75 years in combined experience in Long Term Care. You’ll always have peace of mind when our organization is there, knowing that you have the best available in home care!