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Companionship/Home Care Aides/Private Duty Nurses

Our companions, Home Care Aides & private duty nurses help individuals live safe and healthy in their chosen environment- at home, a retirement center, assisted living, or a skilled nursing facility. And its never too early to get your loved one accustomed to outside help. We have observed that getting started on a limited basis, even a few hours a week, allows the family member’s and the client to see the benefits that our professional assistance can provide.

Services Include

  • licensed nurse on call for clients 24/7, 365 days a year
  • help with increased participation in family & social activities
  • assistance with various activities of daily living
  • professional assistance while recovering from an acute hospitalization
  • assistance during illness, help to avoid falls for those at risk
  • routine licensed nurse supervision, with onsite visits by the nurse practitioner as requested
  • increasing mobility, including getting outside for walks
  • improved nutrition with delicious meals prepared by our staff! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see some of the works of art our staff prepare!
  • working with your physician, physical & occupational therapists to provide the safest environment
    for the client
  • accompany & transport client to physician and other appointments
  • daily documentation of vital signs (for reference)
  • accompany client to shop forĀ  groceries or do it for them (as directed)
  • supervision and assistance with dressing & bathing
  • in an emergency, activate the 911 EMS or contact the licensed nurse coordinator (as indicated)
  • flexible & emergency scheduling
  • assistance with meal planning and diet monitoring
  • light housekeeping
  • hygiene assistance

Optional Services

  • medication monitoring available
  • Specializing in Alzhiemers care & support
  • incontinence assistance with bowel and bladder retraining