What does a Senior Home Companion Case manager do?

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A Senior Home Companions Case manager is a Licensed Nurse who collaborates with the family or responsible party in a process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services to meet an clients individual comprehensive needs through communication and available resources to promote quality, cost-effective outcomes. Utilizing a supervising board certified Nurse Practitioner in conjunction with the area’s resources, families know that they are in the very best of hands.

That’s a very comprehensive component to what SHC provides in its mission to promote ‘Peace of Mind’ for all of its clients.

Who Pays for Home Care?

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Far and away the number one question we here at SHC get is–Who pays for this care? And the answer, like many things in life, is “it depends”.

I can tell you doesn’t pay- Medicare. Medicare WILL pay for routine HOME HEALTH visits while treating a specific illness or disease process, but then after the financial cap is hit, that’s it. And Straight Medicare it never pays for someone to stay overnight or throughout the days ( Some Medicare Advantage plans have limited Home Care Policies). This is a huge shock for most people as they believed it did and often become upset when I tell them otherwise.

Home care is generally paid for privately (cash) or via a long term care insurance policy (see link below to more info on this issue).

The only government program available to help pay for in home care is IHSS-which is –In Home Support Services. This California quasi state-government agency requires that the individual be qualified for Medi-Cal services & there are limits on what and how long they will pay for the services. Cut and past the addresses below into your broswers for more info.

See this In Home Services link here-

Long term Care Insurance Info

What is a ‘background check’?

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SHC uses multiple formal systems to make sure that the professionals that are hired at SHC have no questionable histories- either criminal or health-wise. Just the very first step is the ‘live scan’ system set-up by the CA Department of Justice. A link to their website is here and on our resources page under FAQs: http://oag.ca.gov/fingerprints
to explore the beginning of a background check. For some companies this is the beginning and end of their ‘background check”. Not SHC!
A complete history and physical examination, federal background checks, and several national (& expensive) background checks to confirm our rigorous interview process assures that the professional who is coming to your home (wherever that may be) to help is actually who they hold themselves out to be. No excuses here- SHC puts its time, training and money into making sure that the our clients get the best staff available!

SHC- Setting the standard in Home Care

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We are a full service in-home care organization that can help individuals of ANY age remains safely at home.Whether its a child with special needs or with insulin dependent diabetes, we have staff that are trained to help you at home! Jump on over to our websites services or FAQS pages for more information!

SHC is compliant with State laws and all Home Care Regulations

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Did you know that all Home Care is licensed by the state? There is a whole set of Rules and Regulations that legitimate companies must abide by! All our staff are employees- not ‘1099’ independent contractors. That means SHC provides our employees with Workers Compensation, along with having bonding with professional and general liability insurance to insure protection for our clients from the unexpected. SHC abides by all wage and hourly laws- a huge deal!  FYI- “24hr Live ins” are not a legal options if a company follows these laws. Why is that important? Ask us for details!  To sum it up-what it means is no nasty surprises for our clients down the road. The horror stories that some of our clients tell us of having worked with organization’s that seem to be giving them a “great deal” at the time, which later turns into a costly  & emotional nightmare– it routinely validate’s our model and reinforce’s that in all areas when someone hires SHC, they are insuring ‘Peace of Mind”.