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What is a ‘background check’?

June 18, 2014 by  
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SHC uses multiple formal systems to make sure that the professionals that are hired at SHC have no questionable histories- either criminal or health-wise. Just the very first step is the ‘live scan’ system set-up by the CA Department of Justice. A link to their website is here and on our resources page under FAQs:
to explore the beginning of a background check. For some companies this is the beginning and end of their ‘background check”. Not SHC!
A complete history and physical examination, federal background checks, and several national (& expensive) background checks to confirm our rigorous interview process assures that the professional who is coming to your home (wherever that may be) to help is actually who they hold themselves out to be. No excuses here- SHC puts its time, training and money into making sure that the our clients get the best staff available!


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