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SHC is compliant with State laws and all Home Care Regulations

March 29, 2011 by  
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Did you know that all Home Care is licensed by the state? There is a whole set of Rules and Regulations that legitimate companies must abide by! All our staff are employees- not ‘1099’ independent contractors. That means SHC provides our employees with Workers Compensation, along with having bonding with professional and general liability insurance to insure protection for our clients from the unexpected. SHC abides by all wage and hourly laws- a huge deal!  FYI- “24hr Live ins” are not a legal options if a company follows these laws. Why is that important? Ask us for details!  To sum it up-what it means is no nasty surprises for our clients down the road. The horror stories that some of our clients tell us of having worked with organization’s that seem to be giving them a “great deal” at the time, which later turns into a costly  & emotional nightmare– it routinely validate’s our model and reinforce’s that in all areas when someone hires SHC, they are insuring ‘Peace of Mind”.


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