The Various Levels of Nursing- Certified Nursing assistant ( C.N.A)

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I often get many question about what level’s nursing there are or what the difference is between a Licensed Vocation Nurses and a Registered Nurse. So I’ve decided to put together a series of blog  post’s that explains the various education levels required to meet each certification, license or degree required to get those initials behind your name (in CA Only)!!

This is the second entry in the series of blog posts on the levels of Nursing. This level of Nursing is the first one requiring an education: the Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A).

The Certified Nursing Assistant is a not a formal degree program, but a certificate earned via a training education that contains components such as basic theory, a clinical practicum and final testing for the certificate.

A CNA’s role vary depending on the setting – hospitals, nursing homes, in the home setting and other facilities that offer long-term care – s/he chooses to work in. For example, responsibilities of CNAs working in nursing homes are a bit different than those working in public hospitals, vs those who work in clients homes. A true ‘front line’ nurse wherever they work.

CNA’s are responsible for relaying essential information to nurses in charge (LVN, RN) pertaining to such things as changes in clients’ behavior, needs and/or conditions. In the home setting, they have direct, routine contact with clients as they help them with their daily activities, cooking, cleaning and hygiene needs. In combination with the SHC case management services, it is an affordable care option that comes with significant resources behind it to make staying at home a reality– and that can bring significant peace of mind to our client.